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14 June 2018

The last time I talked to you all about makeup, I was reviewing the yardley stayfast foundation which to this day, try as I might am still not a fan of. That was before I took an 8 month long on and off haitus from the blogosphere but in that time, I've continued to play around and some makeup habits and products of mine have changed.

New Foundation
The expansion of my foundation collection was not a deliberate one. I'm an insufferable creature of habit so from the get go the plan was to find something that works for me and stick to it, not that I have anything against trying something new though. Thats why my heart was absolutely shattered when I found out the smashbox foundation I had been using was discontinued. Granted it wasn't the best formula but it was my best shade so I made it work. I started searching for my next holy grail and after a few regrettable purchases, I finally settled for the estee lauder double wear foundation. The shade matches the lighest parts of my three toned face which complicates highlighting but the texture and formulation is the!

Taking Samples
This brings me to my next point which involves my makeup shopping for which i have adopted the "no sample, no purchase" rule. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a full bottle of product that looked absolutely perfect while trying it in store and looking all kinds of wrong in natural light when you get home. I used to cave under the pressure of the judgemental looks the ladies at the makeup counter shoot when requesting a sample and at one point even brought all of my foundations to ''prove'' that i sincerely need these samples but no more! From now onwards I will shamelessly ask for samples and no mean spirited makeup counter person looking me up and down will ruin my shopping experience. Most affordable brands do not offer samples but this will not stop me. i will shoot my shot and bring some sort of sample container. if these products want me to commit, they'll have to prove themselves. 

Spot Concealing
In an effort to preserve and stretch as much of my new precious go to foundation as possible I have had to change my makeup application technique which to be honest wasn't all that impressive. For covering up blemishes and dicolouration, I would often rely heavily on my foundation which meant more product packed onto my face. Now I have introduced spot concealing to my base application routine. For this I use a very sheer coat of my la girl pro concealor (after colour corecting) in the shade beautiful bronze over my problem areas to even out my skin tone which results in less need for foundation making for a more natural less cakey finish. I made this change after wacthin tonnes of Lisa Eldridge and John Maclean videos, the lady and Lord of seamlessness. I adapted their methods to suit my own needs but my foundation is thanking me for it! Its amazing how much less concealer is needed to fix what would require many pumps of Foundation.

Nudes lippie
I'm all about the bold lip but lately I have been obsessing over the Cynthia Gwebu glossy nude lip. Its been working great with the rather dramatic bangs on my wig.My Yardley lipstick in sienna used to work very well as a liner for lighter shades and made a nude lippie possible but it just does not do it for me anymore. I imagine it had something to do with the change in skintone accompanied by the pigmentation around my mouth or the product itself oxidising Most brown affordable brown lipliners just didn't have the right shade to do the trick for me either so I finally talked myself into trying chestnut by mac cosmetics and It has revolutionised my lippie game. Now almost any nude can work. Currently I use the liner together with by Stila and Rose lipgloss by Bobbi brown. I can't wait to experiment with other nude shades.

So what changes have you made to your makeup lately? Care to share?


  1. I'm taking your advise regarding the sample issue. I've spent too much money on the wrong shades that the consultants at the store swore was perfect for me. No more! No sample, no purchase.

    1. Phambili Madlaba Phambili! Of all my foundations, I can only use two! And you should've see how pompous and all knowing those makeup ladies were convincing and terrorising me into buying full bottles without samples. Please don't let them talk to you anyhow. They can get weird on the samples subject.

      Thanks for stopping by my love. Don't be a stranger.

  2. Yhu, ndiyayonqena imake up. My sister is learning, bought her a concealer recently (la girl). Told her if she can find a shade, i might buy her a maybelline fit me one soon. Sples are life

    1. Nqena. . . Girl . . .I just. . .how? I thought you enjoy it. Well after the stress of finding the right shade and squaring up with makeup girl at the counter for attitude it can be theraputice .Hoping Mphiwe finds a shade and enjoys her facebeats.

  3. I am always the one in stores waiting to see if they are handing out sample before I commit to a purchase that would frustrate me in the end. Seeing we do not have the luxury of a sephora where you can return your purchases going the sample route is the best option.

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