Marc Jacobs decadence for my Winter/date night Fragrance

10 July 2018

Purchasing  my first designer perfume was a daunting internal struggle but the need to spoil myself and curiosity about what it is about owning fancy designer perfume that puts a spring in womans step  proved to be stronger than my financial inhibitions. The lovely assistant at red squaremidlands mall who had previously assisted me with a completely unrelated scorched pot conundrum was patient enough to walk me through some of the choices I was interested in and his own recommendations for a novice like myself.

It was Late November 2017 and as he tried to woo me with the new Gucci bloom and summer appropriate scents, but decadence by Marc Jacobs caught my eye and drew me in with her good looks and instagramability alone. Sounds shallow I know but I had to find out if packaging like that was to overcompensate for something or if the juice matched the bottle boy was I blown away.
The complexity and sexy sultriness of the fragrance confronted me on the opening and gave me a nose-gasm. Its deep and dark in a glowing coal sans fire and smoke kind of way with a plum like sweetness followed by a hint of spice and a very lovely floral to balance out the touch of masculinity and assertiveness.Upon investigation, I found out that it was the plums and cinnamon that gave the opening it exitements and a beautiful amber (benzoin) backbone on the dry down.

The formulation give an impeccable performance of about 8 hours and a lovely projection. Trust me, if you walk in wearing this number, People will notice!

See the source image

Decadence was created by master perfumer Annie Buzantian and released in 2015 as Marc Jacobs first ‘mature’ parfum.  By no means is this a matronly kind of mature but instead a more ‘grown ass handling her business ' kind of vibe described as having ‘all the trappings of the extrovert’. Contained in the ‘personal talisman’ that is a very reminiscent of a handbag in all its snakeskin, gold chain and tassle glamour, this creation screams sophistication and the sex appeal that is perfectly captured by the accompanying campaign video starring luxuriating in a little black dress making it a more late Autumn/ winter or night time appropriate.

It definitely isn’t for everyone in a skirt, oh no, it requires the right kind of woman to pull it off. I thought this would pose a bit of a problem for me because I’m stumbling through life at best and definitely not the right of woman just yet. It should be intimidating for me to wear. One would think this would make me regret purchasing it considering the price but on the contrary it makes me want to evolve into the kind of woman it embodies. The kind that changes her own car tires while wearing high heels and still look cute. Plus, ITS SO DAMN DELISH! Screw the winter/date night rule! this baby was coming home with me now and I was going to wear it whenever I damn well pleased!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration; Marc jacobs for your winter fragrance. A shrine for that woman, grown and sexy ,bottled up in something pretty for your convenience.

  • Have you tried decadence? What are some of your most memorable scents and which is your favourite date night/ winter fragrance?


  1. You have just made me want to go try out this fragrance. I am a lover and collector of perfumes and the decadence in the name just got me all excited. Can I say though that I am of the opinion that anyone can pull anything off so long as they make it their own. Never limit your fabulocity babes

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