I tried The Body Shop's Drops Of Light for my Hyperpigmentation

5 June 2018

At this point, I am 99.9% sure that there are forces beyond human comprehension working against me. Right after my heartfelt pledge to do better, a glass of wine spilled onto my computer and with it, my 5 post drafts and dreams of a blog makeover died. Also, its 2018 and still don’t have the skin of my dreams.You would think after the incident I had with one of the products from the body shop that actually caused the hyper pigmentation around my mouth, I would run the other way yet here I am putting my faith in an entire range to clear said discolouration without having read/watched a single review.

(IMPORTANT: please see note at the end of this post before continuing )
The Body Shop Drops Of Light range consists of :
  • Drops Of Light Pure Clarifying Foam Wash
  • Drops Of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel
  • Drops Of Light Brightening Serum
  • Drops Of Light Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence
  • Drops Of Light Brightening Day Cream
  • Drops Of Light Brightening Essence Lotion
My experience with the products

 I originally purchased the first 5 and threw away the day cream container before I could take a picture of it and the lotion just seemed like overkill. Where would it fit into the regimen? The Range boasts north atlantic red algae extract and vitamin C as active ingredients and was tested on mostly asian women whose 85% positive results in even skin tone gave me hope. I didn't have any adverse reactions to the range apart from a slight yet questionable tingling sensation after applying the serum on freshly exfoliated skin, so I decided to continue using it religiously, come shower, bath or vaskom. Fast Forward to 4-5 months and a very religious regimen later and the discoloured areas on my left cheek, acne scars on my forehead and mouth area still haven't cleared. As dissapointing as the results have been, a few products are mention worthy for reasons other than colour correcting.

The face wash was just that, a face wash. It has an odd smell to it, almost glue like but lathers up nicely and leave the face well cleansed. The problem however is how the extreme and even visible tightness of the skin after the skin dries, which makes it imperative to use the serum and moisturisers immediately after to introduce some moisture back into there skin. 

Dry flakey cracked skin has always been a struggle during winter months but this year, I am happy to report that I am flake free and moisturised! The Resurfacing liquid peel has been a great substitute for my dischem mechanical exfoliator spin brush. Rubbing it on to the skin after cleansing gently lifts and gathers dead skin cells into a little ball without risking damage that an otherwise mechanical exfoliatiant would do.  The only odd thing about it is the excessive oiliness within the few hours of usage, even after applying the Pure Healthy Brightening serum serum and miosturiser which I get past by simply using it at night.

As a personal preference, I didn't care much for the stickiness and the glow the Pure Healthy Brightening serums gives as it it brings more attention to the texturing, pores and pimples; the bane of my existence; but never has my skin felt this supple and soft.

Very few products can keep my skin hydrated without the help of some sort oil and while I'm certain that there are student budget friendlier alternatives, the non ashy-ness of the skin defence was much appreciated by the melanin during the warmer months.It worked so well on its own that I did not see the need to replace the day cream when it ran out. 

The Himalayan charcoal and Tea tree mud was also an impromptu addition since I didn't have any mask taking up permanent residence in my regimen. It was just as quickly kicked it to the curb when it gave me a relaxer-type burning sensation upon first usage. Proceed with caution!

The verdict
Between the 5, the Resurfacing liquid peel and moisturiser are the only products that made it back into my toiletry bag. The two are my winning combo because the world didn't come to a complete end when I ran out of face wash, day cream and serum. It  remained supple and moisturised, sans the glow which I could honestly do without. The rest of the products were inconsequential and for the purpose of evening out my skin tone, the range was a disappointment, It didn't work for me.

I hope you learn from my mistakes and research skincare products before purchasing adawise why are the other children wasting their time, energy and data creating reviews? Dermatologist treatments and facials are starting to look really attractive right about now but until I can afford them, the over store bought product will have to do.

Mvumikazi : 0 Hyperpigmentation 1

Aluta continua. The struggle continues. What skincare activities have you been involved  in lately? Any recommendations for textured skin?


1) This post is not sponsored, These product were purchased and tested out of my own free will
2) I have a very mild form of acanthosis nigricans which presents itself predominantly on my knees, elbows and underarms. From the opinion of my dermatologist, It is difficult tell whether or not it contributes to some of the discolouration of my face however, these products were tried on acne scars from break outs as well for which they did not work)


  1. The whole range? Yhu mntase you are brave. The Body Shop always lures me back in bit after the vitamic c thing I bought, I'm done. Aside from the tea tree scrub/wash.

    Askies about your computer ��

    1. I'm still morning for my 5 blog post drafts . Thank you dali.
      Hayi inomtsalane yona la venkile. . . I took a leap of faith. Ngokhathele ukuba u two colour 😢 Is the tea tree scrub the one with sand from ireland or something? Yheyi that one truly did me in. I really fell for the liquid peel in this range hey. Hard. Its winter and lutho dry dead skin. The rest nje. . .ayi ngiright. Ngiyabonga for being here girl.

  2. .."slight yet questionable tingling sensation"..LOL!! Thank you so much for this raw and honest post. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat as you, still haven't found something that actually works.

    1. The tingling concerned me shem coz i'm not a sensitive skinned babes. . . Ngisho intelezi ayilutho. Futhi there no tea tree oil so i was concerned. Ayi ngizolokhu ngizamile nami until something eventually happens. Thanks for stopping by sthandwa, don't be a stranger.

  3. Askies that you didn't get good results from this range

    the only product I've used from this range is the sunscreen and it is one of my favourites.
    I'm currently trying out the Korean skincare routine and using acids for exfoliating to get rif of my hyperpigmentation - will see if it works out.

    1. I quite liked the sunscreen as well. Its even hold up really well as a 2 in 1 moisturiser this winter. Korean skincare/makeup is all the rave rn so I'm keen to hearing about you experience. Sigh. The search for the magical product continues. Thanks for stopping by Lungi.

  4. Is this products for all skin tyoes and colors?


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