Yardley Stayfast Foundation Review

7 August 2017

I've been using theYardley London Stayfast 24hour Foundation for a while now and have made review that does not share the sentiments of most people who have fallen in love with the product.

I don't mind that its thick but I find it a tad challenging to blend in and it tends to gather on my fine lines and make m pores and piples much more pronounced and brings much attention to them. I disagree with it 24 hour lasting claim and wearing high coverage foundation tends to cause it to get very cake. I gave this foundation a 7/10  score based soley on its own claims and price points however, I will not be purchasing it again. Watch the video below for more info.


  1. Tried this product for a wedding and loved it. I was nervous about the shade, but it blended well for me.

    1. I'm glad it works for you hey. Kinda jelly actually coz lord knows i tried to like it bit its just a no for me.i guess what doesn't work for me may work for the next person and vice versa. Thanks for stopping by Krystal.


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