Outfit Fail

21 August 2017

A fashion fave of mine said silver is back in this spring and as an owner of a nice pair of shiny platform heels, I fully endorse this vendetta. I’ve wanted to have another go at styling these shoes since my boring eventing outfit but you know how you plan the perfect out in your head and then see it in the mirror and its like, . . . no. *sigh, thats exactly what happened when I thought I could just throw on pair of embroidered jeans, fish net stockings, and some silver platform heels and call it a day. I tried something and it didn't turn out as great as thought it would and thats been happening a lot lately. I've been in a fashion funk for over a year now an somethings got to give. WTF?! 

This blog post wasn't a self drag as I was drafting it in my head while Nomusa was snapping away you know, but there's just too much going on in this fit man. Print, + embroidery + fishnet and I just had to roll up 3 quater length pants didn't I. Ugh. I can kinda see where my head was at though. Black and blue always look good together and silver could work with either or both. This was basically supposed to be to be my version of the rock band tee -which would've preferably been a linkin park or metallica shirt -trend that was making some serious rounds earlier this year mara I ruined it by overdoing it with the detail and can't help but feel like a kid in Korea might take offense after seeing my ensamble seeing as how they popularised the fishnet situation.

Maybe I should have gone for a plain form fitting black top, or the short jean skirt I had on when i was channeling Mona rose Thorne, Or maybe I should've left that pair of jeans alone right on that Donna claire hanger. I'm finding it harder and harder to dress myself the way I want to look in my head and somethings got to give man. I'm no fashionista but my body has been swadled by better ensables than what I've been putting together in my last two blog posts. Maybe I this has to do with the year long existential crisis I've been having. Should I do a blog post on that? Is it because I'm broke? My head is throbbing. Send help!

meh. . .I can't do this anymore. Drag me in the comments section.

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