Ladylike Strides

1 August 2017

heeey ashy slaaaay. . . .sobs

I'm someone who strongly believes that clothing carry and transmit other peoples troubles and bad mojo and am against wearing someone else's clothing. . .not that there was ever an opportunity to do so anyways because there just that aren't enough plus size women of my age in my life. However, when one of my ex flatmates rocked up at my place wearing the perfect Camo Jacket I wanted for a look in a post called green with envy, I threw caution to the wind and harassed her for it.

Clothing options for plussize girls on a budget are still very limited so I have to shop smart and buy stuff that can make multiple appearances in differents look on my body and blog.  -see eventing - I was very lucky to find this top like it and I thank my ancestors everyday that it has lasted this long in pristine condition since I fall over, walk into stuff and drop things all the time. I purchased it at Mrp fashion and paired it up with this skirt I have so quickly developed a love hate relationship with.

The skirt was from Edgars which I've been having better luck finding clothing that fit my bigger body at lately. I've been olive green with envy since 2015 salivating, wishing for the midi length tube dresses UK/US based plussize youtubers and bloggers were rocking so when I saw this skirt, with the rouching so reminiscent of one dress chanel boateng looked absolutely scrumptious in, I had to snatch it up! I didn't mind that it was see through, this one other black skirt could easily become a slip and the hugging it put on my curves are enough to put winter baes to shame. My only issues which I may have overlooked in the dressing room are that its very tight at the legs and rides up while I'm walking, not ideal for campus wear. MEEP! Ain't nobody got time for small strides when walking between agric, main campus and chem out in Pietermaritzburg heat but the restriction could be useful as a reminder to take ladylike steps when wearing heels to somewhere requiring a more dressy uppy look which I don't really get invited to. *sob . To be fair, this may be entierly my fault. The skirt IS well made after all. I think my curves just stretch it so much at the booty area that the rest of the material has to compensate. Hell the rouching is barely visible when i wear it but it was either that of no skirt at all. Its too late to take it back now, also I'm kind of attached to the piece, or at least the idea of how it should look. I guess It'll join my ever growing pile of Should've could've could'ves. There's an idea for a video.

heeey ashy hand slaaaay

thanks for putting up with me babe.

Thats me trying to make something out of a basic ass look. If that skirt was a tube dress, I would be the happiest girl alive. I would have loved to mix it up with some blues and different tones of green buuut your fave stores don't want me to look nice. Tell your clothing retailers to make affordable clothing for plussize girls too. R800 for the same jean I saw for R200 at THE FIX is just wrong man. What do you think? How would you have styled the skirt? Take a tour around the blog and if you like what you see, click here to subscribe


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