I keep the empties

23 July 2017

I imagine that anybody who has seen as many marraiges, families, friends and peers perish to alcoholism as I have would naturally develop a personal level of disdain towards the substance. I never thought I'd be writing about liquor, let alone end up actually liking wines but here I am, full glass in hand on a saturday night. How did it come to this? 

It was 2015. I had been 20 for a few months and after realising that as with most things in life, moderation is key,  I decided to at least deliberately try the stuff before I completely dismissed it. University is about new experiences after all. Like the novice that I was, I spent what seemed like hours in the liquor shop not knowing what in the world I was looking at or for and finally settled for a single 750ml bottle of Russian Bear vodka because I had seen a star promoting it somewhere and was advised to pass by the Food lovers market for a lemon or two. When I got back to the house, I asked a more seasoned drinker to keep an eye on me as I was intent on getting properly sauced that night so I could see what the fuss was about and sauced did I get.
The first shooter took me an entire 5 minutes of psyching myself up to go down the hatch.  It burned. The lemon and salt helped but why in the world would anybody drink this bitter stuff? A couple more had me dancing alone in the dining room with everyone watching and a few more brought a disturbing silence when I laid out all of our knives in front of some unknown guests as clear indication that they weren’t welcome anywhere near me at my vulnerable state. Theres also a vague memory of me crying into someones arms while recalling the times my brother would scam me into opening mussels for him leaving me with only the grunter to eat in there somewhere. “ The white ones are male” he said, “if you eat them, you will turn into a boy, girls are only allowed to eat the orange ones”. The jerk! I was only 6!

Best feline bartender ever. Great listener too.
I don't smoke, left the ashtray there for the ambiance ya know. I'm a legend for managing to finish that drink

Needles to say, the following morning, although embarrassingly awkward as I woke up from a fetal  position suckling the empty bottle, was triumphant. I had survived the night babalaaz free and had not lost any of my morals. Surely that warranted some kind of trophy right? I kept the empty which was soon joined by bottles of Jack Daniels, my very first brandy,  Hennessy and later some wines which I think have now become “my thing” . I was surprisingly able to get over the bitterness of wine after a few trieswhich were all too reminiscent of my fathers traditional herbal medicine and able to enjoy complexity of  blends, aroma's, and flavors and apparently, I haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. My favorite part is mixing them together to make my own. Hard to think now that I shared Sheldon Coopers sentiment and thought wine was nothing but overrated grape juice that burns.
I'm still a novice by the wine connoisseurs standards considering the fact that I don't know what in the world the difference between a merlot, chaddonay, carbinet sauvignon or pinotage is or how to pair the various selections with food but I'm eager to lean. This grapey good stuff makes my Saturday nights alone in my room a bit fun and takes away my envy of the ease with which other people my age can hang and 'get turnt'. The last time I tried clubbing, I ended up hyperventilating in the middle of a dance floor while a chilled day at an almost empty a Bar in Port St Johns had me comfortably sipping an unidentified blue concoction. Its tough outchea man.

While I lack the appropriate vocabulary or experience to give it a "fair" review, I have my own opinion about this KWV 2015 Carbinet Sauvignon is what I'm sipping on tonight it which I will post in a few weeks depending on how well this post does. Its about time I filled up the lifestyle section in my blog and well. . .this seems to be slowly becoming a part of it. I chose it because one of my my favourite bloggers was at a KWV event recently and its got shiny parts on it. See how this works? Invite my faves to your wine tasting events so they can influence me.

What are your most memorable wines? Any interesting incedents or stories? What did you love/ hate about them which are a must try recommendation ? Is thing blog post inappropriate? Does its look like a misfit on this here blog? Oh please do tell me, be brutally honest.

until next time, cheers. . .literally.


  1. Hey girl, can I just say that you have some good taste in alcohol esp that KWV wine.
    I was invited to a friend's house one time and I had a glass with some venison and I loved it.

    1. Girl, half the time I don't even know what I'm doing when buying this stuff 😭. And it kinda bums me out that so many people like the kwv wine mara mna its not pulling my tastebuds/palate the right way. My guess is my review won't be a popular one but meh, I'm staying true to my experience. Venison you say, I'll give it a try if an opportunity ever presents itself


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