Green with envy

29 June 2017

I used to have more luck finding clothing that fit me at Mr price and Factorie but that has changed recently. Either all my fellow plus size girls are snatching all those clothes up before I can can get my hands on them which I am here for because it'll mean yall are slaying, the clothing can sense how broke I am and don't want anything to do with me or I've gone beyond some sort of size limit I'm not aware of. Seeing smaller ladies effortlessly browsing through the isles and finding their picks with complete and utter ease makes me green with envy. Not that I have anything against them, absolutely not, go ahead on with your bad selves, snatch my edges. Its just that those mini heart attacks everytime I see something I like at the possibility of not finding my own size will get to me in the worst way sometimes. 

I was lucky enough to find this lovely skirt and shoes at Edgars about a month ago. It didn't quite grab my attention at first glance but after an entire potential lookbook with cool styling options played itself in my head, I had to have it, and have it I did. Although the slits at sides are quite modest they give this simple skirt so much character, especially when walking. They draw attention towards the shoe which I most definately wanted to show off in this look because I still can't quite figure out how I can walk in them. I was very boring and chose the black pair because I wanted to be able to wear the shoes with every thing and regret not going for the taupe pair. I'm not sure if they would have neccessarily looked great with my olive green skirt but I guess we'll never know.

Speaking of which .Olive/army green? Yes please. This colour together with mustard (which looks bomb on women of colour if I do say so myself), satin and velvet textures have been in for quite a while but have been out of my reach so I was very happy to see them grace our shores this autumn/winter. Form fitting midi length skirts can give that elegant 'I mean business' kinda feel which I was trying to go for in this look and go the 'meh, issa me' with a change into some sneakers, a cap and maybe a bomber jacket. For that particular look, I would have gone with a yellowish/gold satin bomber in the colour similar to the cap below and maybe an army green cap.
Another alternative would be be to get an oversized camo parka or button up like the one I saw Thandi Gama wearing in her Vlog and perhaps the gold cap in the picture below. Trouble is, I have absolutely no idea where i could find such items, especially the oversized ones because lol, fashion. Any recommendations?

I seriously need to let that crop polo top whatever thing go. I just can't seem to find a good one to replace it. Anywho, I really wanted to take some pick of me in the casual version of this look but my camerawoman was in a rush. So these will have to do. Thank you Nontlantla!
 What do you think?
How would you style this skirt? Did I mension it was knit and quite warm?
Let me know in The comments below.

I know, Its been a while and I am so sorry. You deserve so much better from me. I'll explain later. Thanks for stopping by. Take a browse around the blog will you. And If you like what you see, click here to subscribe


  1. Olive (or Khakhi) is one of my fav colors. I love the color co-ord. u got goin on here! As for recommendations, ever tried fashion nova? Don't know if theyl have what you looking for bt I feel They have a wide variety of everything lol.

    1. Girl.Its pretty cool. Looks great woth Gold.and surprisingly with a pastel pink too. Listen we here in South Africa are missing out shem 😢😢😢 fashion nova must just come and put all these stores i South Africa to shame.But I'm actually scared of shopping online hey. Superbalist needs to become some kinda vendor for fashion nova shem coz they really screw us at customs. Thanks for stopping by babe 😘

  2. The green looks very nice as well as the camo jacket. In love

  3. I'm a size 6 and I have the same issue when buying clothes. Shops don't stock the same quantity of clothing for all sizes.Popular sizes have more stock.


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