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18 April 2017

To compensate for the blog post that was supposed to be about going home and giving you a non tourist perspective of what its like to be a Mpondo girl having grown up in Port St Johns in the Wild coast, I decided to post a few pictures I took of a Lovely lady who goes by @sunnishinecafe on instagram that had me nostalgic for the days and style of Aaliyah. Rest in peace baby girl.
Channeling Aaliyah is one of the tons of plussize outfit blog posts I have drafted, parked, and delayed because of a small I may have overlooked when purchasing my Nikon D3100, the camera doesn't come with a camerawoman.I really want to do these looks some justice you know*le sigh*.

*Please note, i own copyrights to all images in this post, Please do not use, redestribute without my permission, my contact information is on the about page*


I do enjoy taking photos of people, but I don't think I'm cut out for the business aspect of it because damn!, people will try and take you for a ride out here.I don't have the time for it with my school and blog being my priority at the moment and and I've been told I'm intimidating to work with. *sob.  Maybe its something I'll do strictly for the blog and as a paying gig on holidays. That wild coast tourist attraction is a check waiting to happen.
Some very unpleasant situations have occurred too many time than I'd like to keep quiet about regarding my photos, usage and payment heres are a few notes that may save you from legal implications or being taken for a ride. If you're going to have anything to do with images and photography; consumer, producer or otherwise, get yourself familiar with copyright law and how it works! Google is there for a reason. Often times people knowingly take creatives who don't know any better and their work for granted, manipulating them into unfair work contracts and depriving them of their works worth, especially those on the come up. Here's the jist of it, When a photographer points their camera and takes a picture/ video of something, that image, by copyright law, belongs to them and may be used in any way as long as its not defametory, malicious, harmful or invades the privacy of or infringes any right of the subject. In order for someone else to use that picture, a copyright release form is required from the photographer stating the parameters and restritions within which that image may be used. In the case of commissioned or payed for work, copyright (South Africa) automatically belongs to the client, unless an agreement, written verbal or otherwise, amends this default which will then fall under contract law which as I'm sure you're aware, is legally binding.Did you know there's something called a usage fee? Neither did I! Please, read up!
Big brands and small ones alike are known to try to cut corners with their "I'll give you exposure" game, which doesn't pay the bills. Do you know how expensive lightroom editing software is?

Just to clear things up so that no assumptions are made, The lady in these photos was a delight to work with. Its just other stuff that transpired that prompted me to write about this stuff down here otherwise, bask in her beauty. I think She's planning on launching her blog soon. I'll be sure to provide you with the links once its up and running.
Need more juice on the general ins and outs of photography?Interested in her lippies? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. These pictures are amazing. Spot on for educating people about copyright laws.

    Meg | The Blog
    Instagram: MeghanSSilva

    1. Thank you so much. Ugh, Sometimes it is understandable when people actually don't know but its their to research if they want to use the work of others. and some people are just straight up asking to be sued. Creatives work hard!
      But thanks for stopping by. Don't be a stranger.

  2. Great pictures dear

  3. These pictures are definitely giving me Aaliyah vibes (Might have had to put her album on while I was reading your post). Gorgeous photos.

    1. If you tell me you have an Original Vinyl, I'm crying myself to sleep tonight.Its time like these when I envy Americans.*le sigh*
      I'm glad you like the pictures hun. Thanks for stopping by.


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