Junkie Status Scrapped: a Hual

27 April 2017

I went home for some healing from lifes hardships recently and when I Got home, my parents had a little surprise waiting for me, gift cards. Its been  over 8 months since I've hit the shops for anything and I'm surprised at how reasonably I spent my chankooras. I actually knew what I wanted to buy. I had a list and stuck to it and everything. I think this is what they call adulting. I think I'm no longer a stuff junkie.Man, Its been a while! My current financial situation has made shopping for clothing impossible in the last 8 months, so has my weight gain. Do you know just how much i wanted to rock the rock band oversized t-shirt + net stockings look? My band of choice was going to be Metallica. This fashion drought is a crime and will go unforgiven. See what I did there?lol.


The snapback is by Redbat, I don't know what it is about their caps, this is the third one I've ever purchased. I guess they catch my eye. It wasn't the colour that attracted me to this baby, it was the colour. Pastel. Solange. Need i say more? Also it was the perfec article to break the strong colourblock 90's vibe i get when wearing this Jacket I got from my mom. She thrifted it from on door to door thrift salesman in Port St Johns who seemed to notice the profitability of the shame in publicly shopping for amasekeni/amadziriba/second hand clothing (I need to write a post about being black, fat  and thrifting actually) It looks so cool. My mom is the best. I think she gets my style. . .or did she buy this for herself? Nah, she must've had me in mind.
The jumper is the must special of this entire haul. It used to belong to my uncle and according to my mother, has been around for much longer that I have! Apart from the superficial rip and the rusting from the buckle, its in pretty good shape! That is one quality Jean right there, I am however sad to report that my hips have gotten wider and can barely fit into it. Altering this gem is not an option so I'm just going to keep it safe with me then.

This post helped me unfuck my mind and work through my mental hurdles and blockages about going back to the gym and to reward myself, I bought  fancy shmancy looking running shoe. Isn't it pretty?. . .hmm almost too prettey though. The whole 'Braam lord' look passed my by while it was till popular and athlesure is and in thing, which is what I think this shoe for. I don't know, would you run in this? I'm not much of ibitso/igama person but at R400, I'm mensioning the fact that this is a proline brand. . .which I've never really heard of. What can I say, I live under a rock.I'm going to have to work hard to keep these sock pairs together. I always lose them for some reason.which can't be happening at R118 for this triple pair. The better break glass of I accidentally step on it while wearing them. . .somehow.


I have amassed quit and arsenal of products and brushes that have failed me because I have issues with spending money on expensive products. However sometimes, especially when you don't want to compromise on quality, which I have on numerous occasions in an attempt to find to perfect liquid/gel liner that won't require geometry instruments to achieve the perfect wing on my very hooded eyes and, you just have to put your big girl panties on and fork, cash over and be blessed. I finally listened to the advice of many bloggers an make-up youtubers and got myself the  AMC gel liner in the colour 77 by inglot.Man, what have i been doing with my wings this past year, why did i put myself through all that dissapointment and smudging? The colour payoff on the product is awesome, has a great formula and applys like a dream. This is by far the best inverstment in eye makeup I have ever made. My smashbox gel or more like creamy liner will have to take a seat. It has been dethroned!
I also grabbed a pot of shimery pigment, another popular product by smashbox which i must say am impressed by how great it is. I'm still trying to figure out which other eyeshadows to use on my deeper skin tone to create a complete complementary look to the copper magic dust.
The pink glitter was from mac cosmetics and was surprisingly cheaper that smashbox. I really need to kick my mac fear. Approaching that counter anywhere can be quite intimidating


My eyeliner game can only be as good as the product and  brush I use so I gave up trying to make my current ones work and bought a new, slimmer more flexible inglot 23T brush, although in retrospect, one of them would have been okay now that I have a smoother easier to apply gel liner.My old Beautique number 18 crease blender brush started shedding a few months ago so I decided to buy a new one for R35. R35! And its a decent brush, great for deepening and defining eye shadow on the crease/hood area. Another addition was the real techniques face brush, which I'll be using as a stipelling fundation brush creamier foundations like the yardley stayfast foundation I purchased a few weeks earlier. Its much harder to apply using flat foundation brush.
My Real techniques complexion sponge is quite busted now, its done, finished, and I'm not in a position to fork over R180 every 3 months, it only lasted this long because I wasn't using it very often during the last 5 months anyways. I was happy to find a beauty blender shaped like this at dischem for R40, the double bubble make was quite hard to work with under the eye area. Its quite firm and less perforated than the complexion sponge which was more ideal for creamier thicker products like concealer that won't get sucked up as easily as liquid products, which this sponge is more ideal for.


To finish off this haul is this perfume and like the name of the fragrance, it smells like sweets,but in a non-tacky way. Its actually wearable. I think my nose was blocked the first day i wore wich makes commenting on the wearability a bit hard.  Even though I've had some pretty decent perfumes for R160, I won't complain if its not all that great.I'm not great with assigning scents to seasons but this one smell a bit more spring appropriate because of its sweet freshness. All of these items were purchased at Edgars and Edgars active. I could like in that store. Can I just move in now?
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  1. Girl I'm so happy for you - it's good to get a treat! Nice shopping you did

  2. So is the Inglot 77 worth the hype or will you do a full review later?

    1. Babes, I can honestly say This is the best eye liner out of my collection. Yho. Its not too creamy, not to runny, applies on super easily, it just glides on, is very well pigmented, ItS perfection. DEFINATELY worth the hype.
      I'm not sure If I'll do a single review on i alone, I think I'll make it a collective video/post (at some point in time) of hooded eye friendly product and it'll most definately be there. I've definately fallen in love. I'm never going back. lol. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Funny thing: i learnt about redbat in nov/dec while looking for sneakers for sisi's matric dance. Since then, I've been seeing it allova.

    I lovelovelove that jacket and black women's lineage of thrifting and thrifting for each other. Pls dm me about that body brush when you've used it.

    Great haul!

    1. I highkey love it when i get a notification with you commenting.Yazi redbat has dope stuff hey, they really catch the eye estolo. I'll do a quick google about the brand and their backstory and stuff coz ngfuna ukubona how this brand grows and stuff.
      Listen, this is the jacket of life. Long live the savvy black woman.
      I haven used this brush yet but the bristles do fee quite rough. I'll let you know after i debut it ksasa and also do a youngupdate to this post.
      Thanks for stopping by


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