Smashbox Halo HD liquid foundation review.

1 March 2017

My mother was delighted when she found out I was dabbling with makeup. I was finally turning into a girl after years of confusing her with the spikes, piercings and tomboyish clothes. Unfortunately as with all good things, her delight came to an abrupt end when I could no longer financially sustain my newfound obsession. ''R300 for udaka, mud? sikhona isinuka? asoze"Finding my perfect foundation was a very taxing trial and error so I thought I should do my bit to make the process a little less tedious or expensive for the next person by reviewing a few starting with my liquid foundation by smashbox. This review is not sponsored but even if it was, I would stay true to my opinions.

I picked up the Smashbox HD halo liquid foundation last year in September after being wooed with promises of an "even radiant finish that feels fresh and alive". The collection comes in 10 shades; my skin tone being the last and darkest of the range which makes me wonder if deeper skin tones will get to enjoy it despite smashbox promising that everyone will find their perfect match.The oil free formula boasts a "light responsive technology" by its translucent gel encapsulated shades to give a lit glow from within without any interference by the SPF15 sunscreen. The packaging does it for me . Not only is the geometric rectangular glass bottle aesthetically pleasing but it also makes for easier safer storage without the risk of your bottle rolling over should it fall on its side for some reason. A plus for people with butterfingers like myself. Unfortunately, its not completely safe because the glass is not shatterproof however it does show the foundation shade almost true to shade making finding your shade a tad easier for you. The bottle is topped with a pump delivering modest amounts of products at a time to minimise wastage; another plus from me.

The foundation has a very lightweight liquidy consistency but not quite all the way runny, gives a beautiful luminous, dewy/satin-like skin-like finish and is quite hydrating. While most foundations with sunscreen will interfere with flash photography and give a nasty white ghost-like cast due to the flashback, this one doesn't, at all. The big womp is, it has a generally sheer coverage build-able to a light medium that will still show any marks, scarring and or hyper pigmentation. If you, like myself, have any or all of the above, some colour correction and concealing before applying the foundation might be in order. The good news is, this foundation adheres to concealing products quite beautifully,  provided of course that they are oil free and the face is primed.
. It does not have any oil/sweat control properties and since the formula is quite thin and lightweight; its susceptible to transferring and moving around so a primer absolutely essential. What kind of primer that is however is the question.

queen of extra. lol.

Flash photography test. No flashback, Lovely coverage. Oiliness coming through the foundation after 5 hours of wear in 30 degrees celcius weather

Most make-up experts do not recommend combining a dewy foundation with a mattifying primer. I would love to make myself look cool by  giving my problems with authority all of the credit but to be honest, the L'Oreal mattifying primer was all I had when I lost my yardley colour correcting primer. I went against this rule out of necessity one hot summers day while attending an event and the oily parts of my face, that is my t-zone and sides of my nose, seemed to produce more oil than usual and I found myself blotting and powdering more than usual. The oil produced by my face broke the foundation down with ease and by the second hour of the the event, my nose contour and highlight was gone.Needless to say, the same phenomenon was observed when I used the yardley primer. The lack of diversity in my primer collection may be the only contributing factor to any bias on my final verdict on this foundation but I will be sure to let you know as soon as I find a primer that gives different results. I would give this foundation 8-10 hours on a hot sweaty day and about 12 on a cool day which is very impressive for a hydrating foundation. Another big thumbs up thanks to its oil free formula. Did i mension sweat does not break this foundation down at all? You might look extra dewy but the foundation won't be compromised by it.

Now given all of the information above, I think this foundation is perfect for winter because its hydrating, last and performs better in cooler weather and will give that season defying glow you won't have to wait for summer and spring for.It is best suited for people with dry skin. Although combination skinned  faces may get away with wearing it if they're willing to lose some of their face-beat to transferring due to the oil, I would highly recommend setting this foundation with a mattifying powder when used on oily skinned faces. Considering the 'thin' consistency of the product, using a highly perforated beauty sponge would suck up most of the product. Opt for a densely packed brush to get the best application and coverage instead and use the sponge after a few minutes of drying to blend the foundation for even coverage.I find myself reaching for it quite often. I would love to say I am getting my money's worth but at R500 I'd like to not have to deal with transference and having to colour colour correct because of the coverage but I do understand that that would mean having to compromise in the lightweight-ness and finish of the formula. I guess its just the stingy student in me. I would definitely purchase this foundation again if an opportunity and financial backing presented itself.
Some sad news I found out while looking for this product on the smashbox website after i had written this post and published my video is that it seems to have been discontinued. You van however still find it at some stores like Redsquare and edgars depending on much stock of it the have left. Foschini cut the price of this foundation right down the middle for reasons, I might assume, are related to the range being discontinued. Check it out here

I hope you enjoyed this review and that you found it helpful. Have you ever use this product? How did you like it and which primer worked best with it for you?. Lets chat about it in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this post, click here to subscribe to my blog. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I have been using the Loreal infallible and true match foundations for years now. I am one of rhose that when i find a good thing i stick to it. It can be a good or a bad thing. Might give the smashbox ones a go, had good things about it

    1. Lol. I'm also a creature of habit. The L'Oreal infallible is great hey. I actually have one. only problem is i was mismatches when i bought it so its in the wrong shade. But hey, I might do a review on it too. Do let me know how it goes after you try it. Thanks for stopping by love.

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