2017 Wishlist

7 February 2017

I don’t know why I’m making this wishlist. I’m just torturing myself really. Money is going to be very tight this year and any possibility of financial freedom depends on that 75% aggregate I promised myself by the end of the first semester and luck; lots and lots of luck! This is going to be the longest semester of my life. *sigh*Anyways, back to the stuff. These things have been haunting my instagram feed and dreams but I’ve either felt too undeserving to actually get them or been too broke to afford them. Maybe one day I’ll muster up the courage to talk about how spending money, even on things I need to survives gives me anxiety and leaves me feeling guilty because of my modest upbringing.

Portable LCD Screen
Although its decent for an entry level camera I have reservations about my Nikon d3100 camera like the fact that it can’t shoot for longer than 10 minutes at a time and doesn’t have a flipout screen, which I don’t think can be expected for its price point. I have I wasted too much of my most precious commodity shooting videos only for them to be blurry or out of focus because I couldn’t see whats going on on the other side of the camera. Time guys. Time is my most precious commodity. The D3100 model doesn’t have some fancy shmancy thingy in it that’ll allow tethering to an android and the laptop route is somewhere between impossible and expensive so my best bet is a good old HDMI camble and an LCD screen. I do hope to get a small portable one like one of those DVD players or something for easy moving and storage purposes.

Studio lights
I want to produce good quality makeup video, really I do but the sun has a personal vendetta against my me man. Apparently filming days are perfect for it to start playing black mapatile with the clouds. I just won’t stay put and I don’t like depending on it, I want to be able to film whenever I want and for the eyeshadows to show perfectly. I have been scouring the interwebs looking for video reviews for good lighting and am hoping to find something similar right here in South Africa because I’ve head some serious horror stories about international shipping.

Morphe palettes

 My trusty beauty treats palette has treated me well over the past  few months and whether or not it was just a walking ring or a worthy playmate for my incoming morphe350 palette will be determined by the morphe350 palette. I need. Bad. The only issue I have with my current one is that is colours don’t pick up very well on my camera but then again, it could be because of my lighting. I hope to be wowed by this thing because I have run out of ways to justify buying it.

Full length mirror

 I have never ever owned a full length mirror. Practising the self love and body acceptance is not rainbows peaches and creams, at least not for me. It is gruelling, it hurts and it means I need to look at myself which I why I have always made excuses not to buy a full length mirror when given the opportunity and means. I have a complicated and toxic relationship with them and I think its about time I fix it. Maybe I’ll stop looking a hot mess all the time because looking at myself often means standing on a chair so only for my head to be cut off by the midi mirror on the wall. Enough is enough. Also, why does this feel like an introduction to a blog post of its own. .  .we’ll see where this goes.
Thigh High and Chunky Boots

I need these boot. I try to channel Mona, I try to channel Aaliyah, I try to channel Lebo Mathosa but they refuse to come through all because I don't own a pair of over the knee and thigh high boot. Babes, what is this life I am living? I have so many awesome outfit ideas those would look great with them walkers but for the life of me, I can't find them anywhere around Pietermaritzburg. This year I am getting them by force or by magic.

Sewing Machine
This one does not not need much motivation. You know the clothes these retailers make for us bigger girls are trash. Besides, watching my grandmother make her own stuff on her now vintage singer sewing maching always fascinated me and since I can't seem to find any cool thrift vintage stores around Pietermaritzburg and have trouble parting with money for the sake of , as Nomali would say, looking like myself, making, re-purposing and altering my own clothing is the next logical solution.


Writing classes
For the blog of course. I have trouble articulating myself and punctuating correctly so I really want to improve on that. I might eve come back to this blog post and improve it because i honestly did not give myself enough to write it properly and its midnight right now so I'll end the post here.

What are your absolute wants on your wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments below.
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  1. From a person who used to over-tinker with her blogue, welcome to the clerb. This wgole wishlist says "I didn't come to play w you hoes" and I endorse it!

    Crowdfund for the machine and send us items as thank yous sizoba iskwadu sama fat thots.

    1. Lol. Babes listen This financial glo up needs to just come now. Eish yeah man umuntu ubroke. No money to buy templates so i gotta do it myself. Learning the coding is actually interesting hey.
      Ewu babes i can't do that to yall only to end up struggling with commiting to this. Cha sizobona wena. Ima make this happen somehow.

  2. Hello Mvumi, most of these are items that I am also seeking to acquire this. Especially thigh high boots, studio lights and a tripod stand.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Sindi. Flourish gwooorl. I woul love to see how you style the boots and how you'd spin them into your style. Thanks for stopping by babe.


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