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11 December 2016

I know, I know, thats an autumnal/winter look but I'm kind of over summer already, plus I couldn't wear it these past seasons because I couldn't find any good brown lipstick around Pietermaritzburg. Most trends generally pass me by and I have 2 ways of looking at it ;
1) At least I won't get FOMO
2) What the hell?! I deserve nice things too!

I'm usually not in the know when it comes to things in the now because I figure, "why break your heart with would be's should be's and could be''s?They always seem impossible to find in my area, break the bank, not come in my size/shade so I actively avoid them. Let them pass me by like I live under a rock or something. Also, THIS is what happens when I miss out on them, I try to make up for them at the most inappropriate times.

With my limited resources, doing/wearing whatever the hell is always far fetched. Nude lips, summer glow, dewy facebeat, I missed out on awesome makeup in general at the beginning of this year. I didn't even know a foundation from a concealer then but after spending the year putting my makeup collection together, I dare summer to rear is dragon neck so I can slay it while I balance a basket full of mealies on my head. Here's some of the stuff I'm reaching for this season.

Nudes, smokey eye, mono, neon, glitter you name it. I'm making up for all the seasonal eye shadow have nots with my trusty Beauty treats professionals palate. Its been the perfect walking ring for learning my way around eye shadows, creating different looks with its 130 different colours, how to get the perfect blend withe the help of my nyx eyeshadow primer with a few sweeps of Yardley transluscent powder on top of it as a base.Also, its affordability  eases the infamous ''hitting pan" anxiety.  I may not have "fancy'' palates to help me gauge its quality but I think it may be good enough to use together with my incoming Morphe pallet. I picked up two essence pallets with rose and gold colour schemes and let me tell you, thos summer glow look are about to be outchea! 
I'm a huge fan of a good wing but my hooded eyes and curled eyelashes make creating the perfect shape a bit of a hassle which is why I find myself reaching for the Essence liquid ink waterproof eyeliner a lot more than I do the Smashbox gel liner which tends to put up a better fight against my involuntary tears that the Essence liner. Do you see my dilemma here?


Oily skin and sweat can do a number on a good facebeat and with production bumped up a few notches on account of the weather, I trust my L'Oreal mattifying primer to keep my makeup in place. I love the Infallible foundation for a matte look or the Smashbox Fond de Teint Hd foundation for a fresh dewy skin-like finish which I am reeeeally feeling for this summer over my LA girl orange colour corrector to cover up any obvious imperfections.
For dimension To help guide the Lords light, I highlight the area under my eyes, my forehead, chin and nose, with the ever faithful LA pro concealer in fawn and set that in place with the Yardley London loose powder in caramelized to avoid creasing . While I am yet to discover the joys of cream contouring, the smashbox highlight and contour pallat in deep has the perfect compact contour powder to snatch these cheeks and a beautifully orange bronzer that is so subtle it seems to disappear into my skin but is perfect for a seamless transition between the baked area and the contour.

I love the muave look, and I was so bummed out when every lipstick I purchased looks so weird on me on account of my deeper skin tone and being unable to find good lip liner to make the lipstick look. . .not weird. When I bought the Yardley Stayfast and wet n wild lipsticks I decided swatching lipsticking just on the back of my hand just wasn't going to cut it anymore and was going to make me go broke very fast. I carried my Beautique lipbrush and my Wet n wild nude lipstick which I've had for a few months unable to wear it on account of the contrast between it and my deeper skin tone. For the life of me, I could not find the right brown to line my lips so I could not wear the nude lip until I tried it withe the Yardley London stayfast lipstick in sienna which is an orange toned brown and it worked like a charm. Now I just won't stop wearing the two looks.
I also bought my first Mac lipstick when I simple could not find a good brown matte lipstick . . .in spring. . .to make up for autumn. . . .Don't judge me! 

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