Hair woes

18 November 2016

You might have seen or heard me mention this patch of hair at the back of my hair that just won’t grow in a blog post or video but after taking down my first set of braids a few weeks ago, I realised that this phenomenon may not necessarily be confined to just that area.

Oh, where are are my manners, Hello. Its been a while. Life recently threw me some major curveballs. Damn near put my academics into serious jeopardy but I'm happy to say I've managed to remedy the situation and I'm eligible to write exams for all of my modules. The curve balls however are the tricky kind, very hard to duck. . .or take a good swing at. I've totally destroyed that expression. *shrug*. Anyways, back to the hair

Sure I’m focusing on the health of my hair but I can’t say I have managed to completely silence the voice at back of my head that incessantly swoons at the ''could be" length of my coils. I have been daydreaming of the weight of my massive afro finally giving up its desperate fight against gravity and joining the dance of the wind while I’m out picking mealies from our garden this festive season but my progress is proving to be a disappointing. Yeah you heard me, I spend my festive season hoeing the ground emasimini with a 20 litre bucket of water permanently stuck to my head.
Having a gravity defying head of hair is exciting and all but I miss my massive puff and the feeling of my coils grazing my ear and the back of my neck. Where the hell did all my hair go? Whats with the stunted growth? All I can manage now are the same 2 flat twists I did back when I decided to stay off the weave for a while, except thinner. No progress whatsoever

2014 Gym bunny hair
Current hair. . .tragic

The only conclusion I can draw is that there's somethings going on inside me. See,when I was really into working out and sweating all the time, my hair grew like it was on steroids so its only natural that I assume my recent weight gain or my very poor university diet has something to do with this. Seriously, it’ll be a miracle if my insides haven’t turned into noodles. The usual state of our residence kitchen kills whatever motivation I have to cook a decent meal and let me tell you, cleaning up after grown a$S men gets tiring at some point.
Or it could be that chilli infused avocado oil I've been using on my hair. But for real though, none of yall noticed the writing on the bottle in one of the pictures floating around the blog and found it odd? Couldn't give me a heads up? I was already halfway through the bottle when I noticed this mess. No wonder my face tingled when I used the oil to remove my makeup.

After taking my twists down and my usual wash, protein + moisture deep conditioning routine, air drying and 5 day break, I got another set of twists installed for a number of reasons.

  • I’m hella busy. I don’t have the time or energy to be re-twisting and braiding my hair every night.
  •   I’m protective styling for length retention and also to switch it up. I’ve been in my own hair for over a year now, I thinK I deserve a switch up
  • There’s a looota moisture in the air and shrunken hair don’t look good on me
  •  I work out and that means sweat which is moisture which shrinks hair, which doesn’t suit me 
  •  I have to wash my hair more often not that its warmer and I work out and I sweat, and washing hair shrinks it and shrunken hair don’t suit me so I need to keep it stretched while still having access to my scalp and and and. . .see where I’m going with this? Its a protective style life for me

For now, I’m going read up on some of my favourite natural hair bloggers and try to find some way to break this frustrating plateaux, moisturise and  massage my scalp more often and continue working out at the gym. I might even pop by dischem for some essential oils. I heard lavender, tea tree and rosemary oils do wonders for blood circulation and growth.
Has your hair ever hit a plateaux? How did you break it? Help igyal out with some recommendtions  in the comments.

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  1. That top picture shows that your hair is so healthy and rich. I am so jealous of your natural hair I must say. For me it was such a high maintenance but I always loved and admired how natural hair looked on others. In terms of using natural oils and ointments on us, i.e. including the food we eat to how we moisturise ourselves it shows in the way our hairs, nails and skin will often glow. I am also putting this new way of living into my new year resolution

    1. Yho babes. It really a lot of work but once you get into a routine , it gets easier. but eish, i had to put it away for quite a while towards the end of this semeste. I'm taking a break for now but I'll be in braids again on the 15th. Hopefully we stick to our resolutions come next year. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. The first pic is lovely and your hair is gorgeous by the way. Keep slaying girl.x

  3. thanks lovely. I'm actually in the process of filming a makeup tutorial for it. people seemed to like is a lot.I guess I'm not doing so badly with it even though it could be better.
    Thanks for stopping by boo.


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