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13 August 2016

The memes say your make-up is only as good as your brushes. And you know what they say about the memes, always always believe the memes.

 Beauty on a budget and spoiled for choice rarely ever make it to the same sentence and the former often means a compromising on quality, which makes me wonder how I am ever going to review my picks when I've never used the "good" stuff. Wait a minute. . .I just cooked an evil diabolical scheme that just might make that possible! It involves a detour to Gateway in Durban on my way back to school, and Mac cosmetics. Skhotheni on another level sana. Stick around ! That review is going to happen.

Anyways, since my not so pleasent experience with eco-tools brushes, I've been hunting for some good affordable eye makeup brushes and because, look, that cut crease fomo has had me camping on our girl Nicole Khumalos insta and channel, gearing up for when I find the answer to my woes. Smokey eye ain't a smokey eye if you ain't smoke it out. The YouTube fam suggested the very elusive beautique brushes which I first got my hands on a few months back at Midlands mall. Granted they weren't what I was looking for or a must have in my growing makeup kit, but I knew I was going to start highlighting and contouring eventually so when I saw tools that affordable, I snatched em up. I can feel you judging me.

I got the cream contour brush for when I find the perfect product snatch these cheeks and the powder contour brush which I'm currently using for my highlight setting powder. I also got me a fan brush for bronzing or highlighting or strobing. (Which word is it people?) The glittery stuff that catches the sunlight.The only eye related tools I got that time were a liquid liner brush and an all over the eye shadow brush.

My second beautique haul was a stop I made to Edgars at the pavillion mall on my way Home for winter vac where I learned from a lovely lady at the Mac stall the difference between placement and blending brushes. How I ended up at that section is a mystery to me. I have no business ( nor funds) to be fantasizing about Mac products. I need to stay in my lane.

Beautique Crease shadow brush #18

I found the beautique brushes at the end of the make-up section freshly stocked on the morning of said day and managed to get the last of the number 18 brush which was apparently selling like hotcakes. See? Surely they're doing something right.
Its dome shape looks like it'll be perfect for picking up and depositing transitioning and blending shades. (psst, I've used its already, its pretty decent).It also does a fair amount of blending without completely fading away the pigment of the eyeshadow unlike that eco tools brush. Look, you're going to have to keep a lookout for my YouTube videos for this to make sense. Subscription nyana comrade?

Lancome shadow blending brush #17

 This baby  made me cry a bit because it set me back uncomfortable amounts of Randelas but was totally worth it. This blending aka fluffy brush will blend the heck out of eyeshadow. Shimmer, Velvet, matte; bring it! This little thing will make those eyeshadows melt together and any eye makeup look will be well together.

Another brush I got is the crease blending brush. Whose crease I'll be using this one on remains a mystery to be uncovered coz like, I've got hooded eyes and there's stuff where my crease should be. It looks like the perfect tool for blending that cut crease or placing shades in the outer v of the eye though, we'll see.

Beautique Eye smudger brush  #16

This smudge brush has taken my eyeliner game to the next level. I often neglect my lower lash line and this baby is giving it some much needed love and makes my eye look a lot more. . .there.

Beautique Concealer brush #9

I haven't quit had the pleasure or finances of experimenting with cream eye shadows just yet but when I do, the cream shadow brush will be waiting to help do the job. For now, it primary purpose is patting down concealer on those larger highlight zones like the cheeks, chin and forehead The nose bridge and fleeking of the brows are left to the actual concealer brush.

Last but not least is this beauty blender by beauty professionals  I picked up which will be replacing my busted up old one and this bomb @$S highlighter from the body shop which is, dear I say it, a dupe for one of Macs mineralised something somethings. I forgot to heck for the name. What evil spirit possessed me to start browsing for Mac highlighter is yet to be exorcised out of me. My bank account is not at mac level yet fam. Levels.

Anyways, those were my picks. And like I said, that review is coming so stick around. Ya girl has been holidaying for a while now but I'm back and have some cool posts lined up. Until then, See you in my next blog  post.
The onesie awaits.
Stay blessed.

PS, did anybody cav the reed mat /ukhukho/icansi I used as a background for my photos? 😂😂
 Us farm Julia's should be kept away from nice things.


  1. Loved this!! "I'll grow on you like a fungus!" LOL

    1. foot in mouth syndrome.*sob

      I think I've gotten better control of it now tho. Thanks for stopping by this here spot. Don't be a stranger.


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