Another winter haul

11 June 2016

Hi. My name is Mvumikazi and I have a problem.At least 3 tomboys in me have died a terrible pink glitter covered lip stained death for every make-up haul. I have fallen in love with make-up. In my defence, this is what my mother wanted, for me to be a proper girl, and being  proper girl sure does cost proper money and we are still talking about drugstore/pharmacy products here. Thank God for the monthly allowance from my bursary.
I was looking for some winter wear  and again, was very disappointed when most of the clothing at retail stores either didn't fit or flatter me. I managed to grab a few things from Mr Price  like this gorgeous red faux fur coat, little burgundy dress and tribal print bag which I featured in my previous lookbook post . I could go on and on how frustrating shopping as a fat woman is in this country but my tired is tired. That will be a post for another day.

After an unsuccessful hunt for more warm stuff, I popped into clicks just for control.
I am yet to see what ''make-up sliding off the face" looks like however, as a precautionary measure, I bought the primer along with the L'Oreal infallible foundation whose brand was very much in my  face all lit up for display in the make-up section at clicks. Congratulations marketing department, it worked. We'll see whether this melanin approves in a coming review so stick around with your girl. I also picked up some translucent loose powder "suitable for all skin tones" by revlon. Suitable for all skintones huh? We'll see.
Also, I finally have a matte purple lippie in my collection. Hello vamp it up.

 Remember how I felt about the beauty treats brand because of their 88 eyeshadow palette here?  This 130 professional pallet has officially redeemed it  and is now worthy to take up residence in black women's make-up collection. I'm not one to give beauty products second chances but after swatching some of the colours on this baby in store, I was sold. They are everything I could ever want in an eyeshadow pallet at a reasonable price. Awesome pigmentation with great colour payoff and minimal fallout and buildable. The shades here range from matte, velvety to shimmer. I used the reds in this pallet for the eye makeup in my previous video and was very happy with how it came together. I can't wait to try other palettes.Thank you dischem!

To complement these beautiful eyeshadow colours and my hooded eye shape, I got the number 153 eyelure falsies. They are wispy and shorter toward that inner corner of the eye and flare out in longer denser hairs towards the outer corner of the eye to open it up and create that cat-eye effect. Did I mention these are reusable? You can get at least 10 wears out of these babies if you treat them well. I can't stop batting my eyes now. . .

I was truly disappointed when the some of the eco-tools brushes I bought as an attempt at being environmentally conscious started malfunctioning on the third wash so I went on another hunt. Some other South African youtubers recommended that I try out the beautique brushes from edgars. I got these ones and am going to use them a few time before I give a full review on each and every single one of them

I saved this cute purse I got for buying those two L'Oreal products for last because I have absolutely no idea where I will carry it to. I can't eve gift it because I got a lipstick stain on the back of the white part that just won't go away. *sigh*

So what do you think? Do I have a problem? Is the purchasing a bit too much? Please don't tell my mother.
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  1. Haha. #savethetomboys . I've subscribed so I don't miss the reviews. Hunting for make-up.

    1. Lol @ the hashtag .Thank you boo. They're coming.

  2. hey girl I enjoyed this post. I am also a L'oreal and Revlon colourstay foundation kinda person. Tell me what do you use to wash your brushes? I always buy new brushes instead of washing my old ones cos I am scared they will no longer be soft as they are now.

    1. Coconut oil is your friend my darling. I haven't quite found 1 single brush cleaner but I use coconut oil to loosen up the buildup from the brushes and then wash them off with regular dishwashing liquid and let them drip dry. Although I would recommend thinner oils like grapeseed oil for brushes with thinner fibres or even you makeup remover like the micellar water. Definitely will make a video if I find 1 good cleansing product.


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