Saturday, 11 June 2016

Another winter haul

Hi. My name is Mvumikazi and I have a problem.At least 3 tomboys in me have died a terrible pink glitter covered lip stained death for every make-up haul. I have fallen in love with make-up. In my defence, this is what my mother wanted, for me to be a proper girl, and being  proper girl sure does cost proper money and we are still talking about drugstore/pharmacy products here. Thank God for the monthly allowance from my bursary.
I was looking for some winter wear  and again, was very disappointed when most of the clothing at retail stores either didn't fit or flatter me. I managed to grab a few things from Mr Price  like this gorgeous red faux fur coat, little burgundy dress and tribal print bag which I featured in my previous lookbook post . I could go on and on how frustrating shopping as a fat woman is in this country but my tired is tired. That will be a post for another day.