Autumn/Winter Beauty Favourites.

8 May 2016

Only Mvumikazi can somehow manage to get blue lipstick on her forehead. *le sigh*. . .
It's no secret that being a melanated young women on a student budget can mean having a not so large array of quality make-up products to choose from and there's nothing I hate more wasting my time and money on products that can't handle all this melanin which is why I want to start incorporating favourites posts on my blog.After finding a few hours to spare in this less than forgiving timetable of mine, I made a trip to Midlands mall and was grabbed a few bits and bobs that I absolutely fell in love with

Thou shall not comment on my nails. I'm young and I'm dumb and I'm shtupid. Yes, shtupid. Leave me alone *pouts*

My first absolute favourites are these two of 3 eyeshadow palettes I got from click at R90 each. Considering how Impossible it is to find make-up palettes with more than 4 shades on it from a familiar and trusted brand at a reasonable price and the pigmentation from these eyeshadow, these were a great find for me and I think they are worthy of of taking up residence in the average black womans make-up collection. These babies give such a great colour payoff even without the eyeshadow base. I used NYX skin tone as a base for this eye look and would have used a darker base like the eyelid pencil in black bean or a gel liner. This look lasted me all day with minimal creasing on my hooded eyes. I give these pallets the stamp of melanin. Now if I could just get proper brushes to do some decent blending.

Next are these 3 matte lippies  in blue, grey and black and lip pencils from L.A girl at R50 each. I plan on having a lot of fun with these babies for the winter. The lippies have a great colour payoff and don't look ashy on the lip which is what usually happens with bold coloured lippies so that was a pleasant surprise. There's nothing I detest having to scribble and press down hard when using a pencil like I have to with this brow pencil from smudge  but i don't experience that at all with the lip pencils from L.A girl. They're soft, glide on the lip effortlessly, are quite pigmented and affordable. Look fam, the fees haven't fallen yet so I'm big on quality products at an affordable price so not only do these get a stamp of melanin,  they also get a stamp of student budget friendly and yes, I'm making these stamps up as I go.

My heart stopped a bit when I saw this loose setting powder by revlon at less than R150 and the 30% off made the deal even sweeter. I want to try it out using different foundations, primers and brushes to give it a fair review.It does have this very familiar scent that I can't quite put my finger on and I hope this won't be a problem for me because scented products usually cause irritation on my skin. I will be using the same concealer I use for my brows which is by L.A girl in the shade fawn
I also got it in my shade beautiful  to cover up dark spots.

I quite like these reusable eyelashes by eylure. I picked the wispy ones because I'm still a newbie at falsies. They're kind of short on the inner corner of the eye and longer towards the outer corner which is the ideal shape for hooded eyes. Let's see how much wear I can get out of these bad boys
Last but not least is this cute eyelash curler and a pack of tweezers I got from clicks, I hope I don't poke my eyes out. May the force be with me.

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Stay blessed. . . .By God or The universe. Hey I have to be specific with all these blessers popping up everywhere.

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  1. could you do a tutorial on the ombre lip. pretty please. I have BEEN trying and they always end up a mess. i feel you on the lipstick on the forehead.

    1. sometimes i think my clumsiness is genetic. I even stopped using glassed, cups and mugs. I just drInk everythinG out of what they call flasks now. yeah right! I think I think I know a sippy cup for adults when I see one.

      Oh a tutorial? eish, that might be a bit of a challenge coz my brushes decided to melt while I wa washing them. But I'll try as soon as I get decent ones


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