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21 March 2016

I always knew I would get into make-up but I never knew it would be this soon! One minute I'm strictly a lip gloss and eye liner kind of girl, the next I'm googling ''the perfect brow" videos. I've been spending quite a lot of time on the blogosphere and the gram and well; I've caught the fever. I'm surprised I didn't wrestle with the issue like I did with my hair considering how much using make-up is looked down upon as being fake and "thinking you're all that" where I come from. I guess I've reached a point of I-don't-care-ism with that regard.

I began last year with a few wet n wild lippies which swatch beautifully but I'm still having trouble wearing them because of their contrast with my skin tone. I'm still learning how to use lip liner to kind of buffer that contrast and make everything come together but boy oh boy are they hurting my pockets. I really wanted to try the nude lip before the beginning of winter but I guess I'll have to wait until spring. I'll really have fun with the cherry bomb and spiked with rum lippies from wet n wild and hot chocolate from woolworths this Autumn. I'm not a fan of the LA girls matte pigment gloss because it feels very gluey, gummy and makes your lips stick together. It takes way too much coconut oil and scrubbing to get off the lips. 

Maybelline chestnut
My very first foundation is in the maybelline 24 hour super stay foundation in the colour chestnut and I have very mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, putting it on does make quite a difference however,  I'm not sure if the colour I chose matches my skin because, as you can see in the picture and  video below, there is quite  a difference between it and my skin tone without make-up and the discolouration on my forehead and neck show through. I think the foundation has orange undertones and oxides after it has been blended. (I have no idea what that actually means, I have watched too much of Chane Boateng and her explanations seem to fit here.)
 The only reason why I'm not in the feels about the not-so-full coverage is that its ideal for me. I don't want the fact that I'm wearing to be that obvious, I'm already painting my eyebrows and lips, I want to keep everything else realistic which mean; flaws. Plus its my first foundation. I'm not going to be so hard on myself

I bought myself my first make-up brush set from clicks around January. I try to be environmentally conscious whenever I can because women leave quite a carbon footprint, which is the reason why I went for the eco-tools range made from mostly recycled material however; because its my first set, i don't know how I should feel about them. I don't exactly have a point of reference for a review but I can say the way the foundation flat brush streaks would have driven me insane had it not been for the nifty little blending sponge I bought from dis-chem. I think it does the blending just as well as any high end sponge like the beauty blender. I'm sorry but this expedition already set me back uncomfortable amounts of 100's, I wasn't spending over R200 for a sponge.
The smallest brush in the first kit is just everything. I use it in place of of the small one that came in the ultimate brow kit and it does the job so much better. Now if my eyebrows could just co-operate and grow straight or lay down, they would finally be on fleek. I use it to apply the actual powder on the brow and to shape and clean them up with the concealer afterwards
I also quite like the the powder brush. Its very soft on my skin.

Th eye shadow brushes on the other hand aren't very kind on my hooded eyes. That area is always so tender after I'm done doing my eye shadow, which takes no less than 20 minutes . I don't know whether its the brushes that are too rough or the skin thats tender so I try to use my fingers whenever I can. I plan experimenting with different brands, shades and textures of eye shadow because  the pigment of my first eye shadow pallet does not show as well as I would like it to on my melanated skin. I will be down in Durban soon weekend and hope to get my hands on some of those Jumbo eye shadow base pencils and hope they will make the difference.  I will do a favourites post or video on the product that I find are working well for me. I  use this waterproof eyeliner from essences because my eyes water when i focus on something for too long, including the mirror when I'm trying to do the winged eye. This does not smudge at all when the water works start . I would prefer the tip of the applicator brush to be shorter because that would leave less room for error, but I'm making due with this one. Practice makes perfect.

Last but not least I have these three products. First is the primer I use which I have absolutely no idea what to say about because I have never tried another primer before. I does claim to colour correct which I am yet to see and honestly don't see a difference in the ''behaviour" of my foundation when  don't use it. The only credit I feel I have 'authority' to give it is the  fact that it really is oil free and so lightweight you literally don't feel it on your skin after you have applied it. its not mattifying or moisturising something tells me its not made for my skin tone.Next is the essence compact mattifying powder which I put over the foundation to help it set and use to powder my oily T-zone. Then is the trustee sponge from dis-chem that does what the flat brush can't; blend.

I am proud to say doing my everyday make-up has now gone from taking 1 hour and 30 minutes to 45 minutes. In addition to some personal issues, my books really felt those time crunches which is why I have decided to stay on campus and catch up on school work and blog/you-tube content these holidays.
So what do you think? No seriously, did I do this right in terms of products and skin tone because I was really going in blind here. Anything I left out will be in the video below.

Thanks for stopping by. See you in my next blog post


  1. Thanks for the informative post! I defo feel like I jumped on the makeup bandwagon too but I haven't looked back lol!




    1. I know right! They never tell you how addictive it can be. i feel cheated!

  2. I love this post! So many lol moments. Starting makeup is a mission - but keep at it, it does get better with time. I've been at it for over 2 years, but I'm still learning.

    1. yeah hey. I just wish I found some the South African beauty bloggers before i wend and spent my money but hey, thats what these blog posts are for right. hopefully someone will learn from my mistakes. Thanks for visiting my blog. Don't be a stranger.

  3. Girl today I was literally watching so many foundations reviews and can I just say that I am even more confused oh my word. This was a really fun post to read though

    1. Girl, I feeleth thou pain. But with time i guess i can narrow it down to a few basics. Do you want a matte or dewy finish? Do you want full coverage for that flawless HD look or maybe medium coverage. Sometime you can use 2 layers from a foundation with medium coverage to build it up to full coverage and also, do you want it to be lightweight and feel like nothing is on your skin or if you won't mind the the "hey, I'm foundation and I'm on your face " feeling. And I understand girl, we don't have the kinda money for trial and error. But I would recommend l'oreal infallible foundations. I recently got one and unfortunately the review will be in like a month or so. But its medium weight and full coverage. Revlon, not so much.


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