What my wash days look like

19 February 2016

Ideally, I should love wash days, thats my hair and I's quality time to fall in love despite the shrinkage, tangles, knots and splits, because my hating it is literally affecting what do it but i am not ashamed to say I dread it. The time, work, energy and muscle that has to go into it is madenning and only intensifys my not so pleasant reactions to the stagnant growth but since fussing won't help I will fake it till I make it.


On the Menu we have :

  • Johnsons baby shampoo.
I know that this had Sodium laureth sulfate which is very dehydrating but right now, I need it. Ever since I took my summer protective style down, My scalp has been flaking like crazy . I tried using apple cider vinigar to cleanse it and massaging some avocado and coconut oil since they wouldn't cause build-up but that didn't help. I figured my scalp was due for a good cleansing anyways. I didn't find the shampoo as dehydrating as I thought it would be but that could be because I was moisturising and sealing with coconut oil, avocado and castor oil every night for the whole week. I think that sort of provided a pre-poo effect. 
Sidenote: I am dissappointed in myself. I didn't buy black! There are quite a number of black owned hair care businesses that I could have bought my shampoo from like Ruuto's. They may be a bit more expensive but for a black owned business, it would be worth it. I'll be getting myself a bottle soon

  • Plain yoghurt
I know I know, its food. I couldn't find any greek yoghurt but this one works just as well Its great for moisturising and the tangles literally just melt away and makes detangling a breeze. Now I'm doing second year level Chemistry so I can't provide a full breakdown of the chemical properties that provide the hair shaft with the moisture and protein but i know that my hair takes the oil very well after a good yoghurt conditioner adding shine to it. 

  • Lavender essential oil
I add this oil to pretty much everything I use on my hair, It has this really calming effect on me and masks the smell of the Yogurt on my hair.

  • Avocado oil
This oil is filled with mono unsaturated fats, nutrients and is not too thick which means it'll be able to penetrate the hair shaft.

  • Grapeseed oil
This is another thin oil that can be absorbed by the hair shaft and is a heat protectant. Now I  didn't use any heat but I thought we were going to  have a lot of sunshine and the heat and light can be really dehydrating for my very fine strands. The sun was a no show. Instead we got rain, moisture and shrinkage. Lots and lots of shrinkage. At least its a sign of health.

  • Tresseme naturals conditioner. 
Now this was for extra moisture since I had done a protein deep treatment the week before and had not immediately followed with a moisturising treatment. It also added some extra slip for detangling.
What i did.

I started off by washing my hair with the shampoo which had that Johnson and Johnson baby smell to it. I used the pads of my fingers to really scrub my scalp. I don't wash my hair in sections because its still short and would just cause unnecessary tension on my scalp to get it into sections.

Then I poured out half of the greek yoghurt and filled the empty space with Tresseme naturals conditioner. I poured in Two spoonfuls each of my oils and about 15 drops of the lavender eesential oil and mixed everything together.
I coated my hair with the mixture and started detangling with mm wide toothed comb. I then put on a plastic bag securing it with my headband and a doek and chilled for about 3 hours doing some unpacking.
I finished off by rinsing the mixture out to close the hair cuticles  and trap the moisture and protein, applied some oils, did some flat twists and went to bed.

A few thinks I noticed is that I had less tangles, knots and shedding which is always a good sign. The hair at the back of my head (just below the crown)  is considerably shorter and drier and more prone to breakage so I will do a blog post on some changes I will make to accommodate this part of my head because if i don't, It'll break off and I'll have a stadium.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

Stay tuned and Stay blessed.


  1. Hey there. I had an afro in 2013-2014 for about 18 months. I eventually cut it because I get bored easily. I started growing it again last year. I found Afroboranics for hair. It works wonders and is especially designed for African coily hair. There's a new Pearl Thusi range and I must say it's great to have a brand that caters for our hair. You should try it out

    1. Afro botanics? yeah, we have some cool Proudly South African Hair brands but onfurtubnately, They're not very easily accessible to me since i live in Pietermritzburg and delivery cost are insane (student budget).But i'll be stocking up on a few basics soon. I quite enjoy Diy though. Hope you enjoying your fro this time around. I hear you with the boredom thing.

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  3. Yea I meant afro botanics. Their delivery is R65 if you order online or if you're in and around dbn go to Game at Gateway or Pavilion. I'm enjoying it but the boredom is real. I enjoy DIY as well when now and then but since I found afro botanics it's convinient for travelling with. I'm always in the road because of my work

    1. Gateway? oh thats awesome! I'm actually going down to Durban this weekend. Thanks for the hot tip.

  4. Your wash day was moisture and protein based which is good for a better balance.



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