2016 Hair Goals

6 February 2016

I have not been kind to my hair and It has not been kind to me and I need to change!
For those of  you who don't know, I have been ''natural'' since September 2013. I put the word inverted commas because I spent most of that time as a closet natural until the 27th of September 2015. By closet I mean my hair would go from weave to weave to weave to braids to twists to soft dread to weave to weave to weave with a maximum of 3-day breaks in between, which I would use for deep conditioning. It seemed to work just fine for the rest on my matric year and the whole of 2014 because in December of that year, I undid my braids and had this big beautiful thick shiny hair  and took this photo of this big high puff which was the first hairstyle I ever did with my own hair. My mother couldn't stop going on about it. She would find the smallest and funniest excuses to touch my hair, not that I'm complaining. I can never get enough of being babied by my mom.

Now you may find some old blog posts which I might have edited a bit because my writing was just very bleh back then. You will notice that I was very physically active at the gym, playing tennis, and also very caring towards my hair in 2014 which also happened to be my gap year meaning I had more time than usual on my hands. (My skin was so great!)
2015 Came and I still continued with my closet natural natural ways except this time, I would only moisturise my hair once or twice a every 2 weeks at the most and deep condition with Diy homemade condioners .My hair was not getting those much needed smaller hydrolyzed keratin molecules that can penetrate the hair shaft for strength. I was also flat ironing my hair every time I removed my weaves with only coconut between the appliance and the strand ad as a result, my hair went from the above picture to this.

Heat damage plus deprivation

My glorious Puff had been reduced to. . .That! Look at how dull lifeless and scraggly those ends are! The puff is much smaller, less voluminous  and  just hanging on for dear life!
That's when I knew I had to come out of the natural hair closet and do some damage control starting with a good trim and a few black tea rinses to counteract the shedding. I also knew I had to stay away from extensions so that I can more access to my hair and moisturise it regularly and develop a habit and proper hair regimen because it had been out of sight and out of mind for so long.

So I chilled with my hair for the whole of October and Got a chunky twist on the 25th of November  promising myself to moisturise and seal  every other day because I just couldn't twist every night, I had exams. Besides, summer holidays were coming up. (My family still gets judgy when they see me putting breakfast on my hair)
I undid my twists last Saturday after coming back from the Umngeni Nature reserve hike and Fracking Community involvement meeting and was surprised how minimal the shedding and breakage was considering I only moisturised and sealed  twice and how much of a hassle using a washbasin is to wash twist extentions is.

This is going to drive the OCD people crazy. muhahahaaaa
My first attempt at make-up. Didnt wrk out so well. My eyes are like that because of the flashlight. The shiny stuff on my cheeck is lipstick. I don't know how it got there.

I immediately deep conditioned with this protein treatment and plan chilling with my hair for at least 4 months before I even consider another protective style. I put much emphasis on this statement because I realised how addicted I am to being a closet natural when I found myself trying to use excuses to convince myself another ''protective style'' before lectures start on the 8th knowing good and well that I need access to my hair for weekly deep conditioning and daily moisturising. Besides, I plan on getting active again this year. I'll need to wash it regularly to prevent buildup and extensions will make that hard to do.

I also bought myself some oils for my oil mix which I will be using to seal in moisture and do hot oil treatments. These when together set me back some R200 and a kick in the shin because they were store bought. ( I have a thing about supporting black businesses whenever I can but unfortunately, I don't know any black South African based natural oil distributors who wouldn't charge me an arm and a leg extra for shipping to Pietermaritzburg. Shout out to the people who think being natural is cheap) I will be using homemade deep conditioners for moisture and will be sharing my recipes here.

Basically, this year my goal is damage control. More moisture, More Tlc, More pampering. I am not at liberty to focus on length right now because the health of my hair is still compromised. I hope my natural hair story will be different to the one I'm telling right now.

Man! African hair is a diva! Yoh! All this work and time. And trust me I'll need that gym because detanglings is hard on the arms.
I hope you follow and maybe join me on my Road to recovery. One thin is for sure though, I am not going back to relaxers anytime soon.
Watch my natural hair story below.

Stay tuned and Stay blessed


  1. Heat damage is a problem, since I started my natural hair journey I have used heat once. I hope your hair recovers quickly.


    1. Thanks. I think it will take some time But I am fully committed. I kind of did some self introspection and dealt with the psychological reason behind knowingly hurting my hair.It will be my next blog post. Let Met check out your blog.

  2. Nokhanyo Njokwana27 June 2016 at 01:04

    Loved this post. I, too, am a kitchenista when it comes to my DC's. Just this weekend I deep conditioned with avocado (so glad they've become cheaper), coconut cream, banana baby food (I've learned that my coils don't like little banana chunks) and acv. This was after a garlic infused coconut oil overnight pre-poo. My mother's convinced that I'm going to become a sangoma because I put food in my hair. It's so nice to come across someone on the same journey with similar hair but instead of being a closet natural I spent most of my journey experimenting with colour (blonde, green, blue, purple) and edgy haircuts that I did myself. Lead to the same thing though, damage... I wish you the best on your natural hair journey. You're so beautiful by the way...

    1. Thanks my love. Ewu, I'm thinking how I'm going to sneak these yoghurt conditioners past my mom when I get hope. Wash day is upon me and I'll be using a vaskom. Ulife uzoba tricky these holidays. Might even do a blog post on it. Thanks for stopping by love. Don't be a stranger.


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