Monday, 19 December 2016

Eventing OOTD

Summer. . . heat, mosquitoes, flies, family members trying to regulate your ultramel intake. The cup is really half empty with this one. The plan was to actually go somewhere with people, do stuff and fill it up with summer beverages but that was a bust because I have to stay in school and study for my two deferred exams. I wouldn't have made it if I actually sat for the mains. I even had outfits planned and everything. I was hoping the people things and places part was going to work itself out although judging from my past record on such things, it would have been highly unlikely but God did the things and I went somewhere.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Summer Makeup Lovin'

I know, I know, thats an autumnal/winter look but I'm kind of over summer already, plus I couldn't wear it these past seasons because I couldn't find any good brown lipstick around Pietermaritzburg. Most trends generally pass me by and I have 2 ways of looking at it ;
1) At least I won't get FOMO
2) What the hell?! I deserve nice things too!

I'm usually not in the know when it comes to things in the now because I figure, "why break your heart with would be's should be's and could be''s?They always seem impossible to find in my area, break the bank, not come in my size/shade so I actively avoid them. Let them pass me by like I live under a rock or something. Also, THIS is what happens when I miss out on them, I try to make up for them at the most inappropriate times.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Hair woes

You might have seen or heard me mention this patch of hair at the back of my hair that just won’t grow in a blog post or video but after taking down my first set of braids a few weeks ago, I realised that this phenomenon may not necessarily be confined to just that area.

Oh, where are are my manners, Hello. Its been a while. Life recently threw me some major curveballs. Damn near put my academics into serious jeopardy but I'm happy to say I've managed to remedy the situation and I'm eligible to write exams for all of my modules. The curve balls however are the tricky kind, very hard to duck. . .or take a good swing at. I've totally destroyed that expression. *shrug*. Anyways, back to the hair

Monday, 19 September 2016

Going Back To The Gym. . .AGAIN

Hi. I'm a fat girl and I want to go back to the gym.

...and when the slurs turned into complements, it freaked me out and I stopped going to the gym all together.I just wanted to gain my weight back because I was having a hard time navigating people's newfound kindness towards me.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday ootd : Sporty chic Goon

The last time this skirt made an appearance on my blog, it was styled with a white off the shoulder top, some gladiator sandals and a very poorly fed afro puff held back by a headband I have since banished from my belongings. I know I want to try this girly girl thing but floral? really? It might have worked with bigger hair but the look was downright mediocre and for what it was worth, I didn't do it any justice. Seriously, that thing cost me an arm and a leg, it was the only skirt of its kind at the time, what was I supposed to do?

Monday, 22 August 2016

OOTD : Channeling my inner Mona

I hope to take these photos again. For now I still rely on video stills.

You know Mona, from half and half. Big hair, bigger boots, sistah sans soul, a perfectly organised awkward mess who just didn't know how to respond to good mojo because she attracts life's curveballs like a magnet! That Mona. Well she was my favourite character in, dare I say it, all of television. I damn near broke the wifi scouring the interwebs for a full picture of her but I had to resort to screenshots of the show on youtube (Yep, I still indulge) and made a Gif fully describing  what it is about her that resonates with me. This will be on the gram soon!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

New additions to my Makeup collection

The memes say your make-up is only as good as your brushes. And you know what they say about the memes, always always believe the memes.

 Beauty on a budget and spoiled for choice rarely ever make it to the same sentence and the former often means a compromising on quality, which makes me wonder how I am ever going to review my picks when I've never used the "good" stuff. Wait a minute. . .I just cooked an evil diabolical scheme that just might make that possible! It involves a detour to Gateway in Durban on my way back to school, and Mac cosmetics. Skhotheni on another level sana. Stick around ! That review is going to happen.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Another winter haul

Hi. My name is Mvumikazi and I have a problem.At least 3 tomboys in me have died a terrible pink glitter covered lip stained death for every make-up haul. I have fallen in love with make-up. In my defence, this is what my mother wanted, for me to be a proper girl, and being  proper girl sure does cost proper money and we are still talking about drugstore/pharmacy products here. Thank God for the monthly allowance from my bursary.
I was looking for some winter wear  and again, was very disappointed when most of the clothing at retail stores either didn't fit or flatter me. I managed to grab a few things from Mr Price  like this gorgeous red faux fur coat, little burgundy dress and tribal print bag which I featured in my previous lookbook post . I could go on and on how frustrating shopping as a fat woman is in this country but my tired is tired. That will be a post for another day.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Plus size Winter lookbook

My Very first Lookbook video. Yay

Before I get into this post, I must apologise for the poor quality of the  images. Self photography is very difficult so I used stills from my look book video which you can watch at the end on this post. By the way, did you know I have a you tube channel? Check it out and if you like what you see, go ahead and subscribe here.Apart from the fact that it's my very first, this look book is very sentimental to me because something very significant to my natural hair journey happened  to me while I was filming the first outfit. The look if inspired by the free-fro look from one of Kavuli's posts, and while I was fluffing my hair, I felt this very sudden and inexplicable wave of affection for it, something that has never happened to me before. If your are a reader on this blog, You will know that I diagnosed myself with black inferiority complex in this post so this feeling was a huge milestone for me. I'm so glad that moment was captured and I hope you'll be able see it in my video. This entire post is dedicated to my hair. I love you fro! Knots and all.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Autumn/Winter Beauty Favourites.

Only Mvumikazi can somehow manage to get blue lipstick on her forehead. *le sigh*. . .
It's no secret that being a melanated young women on a student budget can mean having a not so large array of quality make-up products to choose from and there's nothing I hate more wasting my time and money on products that can't handle all this melanin which is why I want to start incorporating favourites posts on my blog.After finding a few hours to spare in this less than forgiving timetable of mine, I made a trip to Midlands mall and was grabbed a few bits and bobs that I absolutely fell in love with

Monday, 21 March 2016

My starter make-up collection

I always knew I would get into make-up but I never knew it would be this soon! One minute I'm strictly a lip gloss and eye liner kind of girl, the next I'm googling ''the perfect brow" videos. I've been spending quite a lot of time on the blogosphere and the gram and well; I've caught the fever. I'm surprised I didn't wrestle with the issue like I did with my hair considering how much using make-up is looked down upon as being fake and "thinking you're all that" where I come from. I guess I've reached a point of I-don't-care-ism with that regard.

Friday, 19 February 2016

What my wash days look like

Ideally, I should love wash days, thats my hair and I's quality time to fall in love despite the shrinkage, tangles, knots and splits, because my hating it is literally affecting what do it but i am not ashamed to say I dread it. The time, work, energy and muscle that has to go into it is madenning and only intensifys my not so pleasant reactions to the stagnant growth but since fussing won't help I will fake it till I make it.


Sunday, 14 February 2016

I've damaged my Natural Hair

another failed attempt at make-up. Self photography is hard!

After reading Aisha's blog post on closet naturals and coming out, my hair confirmed to me that the hair practices that I had convinced myself into thinking were okay were in fact unhealthy. My hair started thinning and breaking off, it was dull, wispy and frayed at the ends. I used the word 'confirmed' because deep down, I knew what I was doing could only spell disaster for my hair. I had watched enough you-tube videos and read enough blogs to know that my type of hair could only suffer from being neglected like that. For those of you who don't know, I have been a closet for about 2 years of my 2 year and 5 month natural hair journey. Read more here and watch my natural hair story below.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

2016 Hair Goals

I have not been kind to my hair and It has not been kind to me and I need to change!
For those of  you who don't know, I have been ''natural'' since September 2013. I put the word inverted commas because I spent most of that time as a closet natural until the 27th of September 2015. By closet I mean my hair would go from weave to weave to weave to braids to twists to soft dread to weave to weave to weave with a maximum of 3-day breaks in between, which I would use for deep conditioning. It seemed to work just fine for the rest on my matric year and the whole of 2014 because in December of that year, I undid my braids and had this big beautiful thick shiny hair  and took this photo of this big high puff which was the first hairstyle I ever did with my own hair. My mother couldn't stop going on about it. She would find the smallest and funniest excuses to touch my hair, not that I'm complaining. I can never get enough of being babied by my mom.