Plus size fashion haul :part 2

9 December 2015

This not having a laptop thing is really hindering progress. Editing videos for my youtube channel is a pain in the neck because I have to borrow other peoples laptops and install software on them and then somehow I always end up almost breaking them. Its stressful! if I could I would use the university computers but the do not have the software nor do they allow installation of new software.
oh Bill Gates, father of Microsoft, hear my cries.

Hello again and this is my very long overdue part two of my plus size fashion haul again featuring Factorie, fashion express and Mr Price

First up is my  absolute favourite! I will not save this beauty for last.

I'm truly sorry for the poor quality but I searched the internet looking for a better image of this skirt without any luck. I love this skirt because its hugs and accentuates my curves the right way.That high-low effect and draping cut makes it multi-functional as a casual and smart-casual wear depending on how you style it. Check out my how I wore it in my OOTD picture I posted at the bottom of this blog post
It was a bit on the pricey side at R300 for me but it makes up for that by being so freaking awesome!

This dress Just lays on my body in ways no dress has ever before. The peekaboo detail at the back complements the funnel neck and I am insane about the cut at the bottom of the dress because it accentuates my hips and thighs beautifully. Buying it was a bit of a hassle because when I bought it in my size, it fit me perfectly at my lower body but was too loose at my upper body and one a size down fit my upper body but suffocated my hips. Curvy life does that to you. I ended up buying the one in my size and having it altered to fit me.
Again, I did not buy it in that colour an yes, I searched the internet for the exact on with no luck. 

I can't help but start dropping one of futures verses when i have this wanderlust hat from factories over my chunky twist extentions. "Where yalls @sses at when n!gigas wouldn't feed me?" I got this at a bargain price of R130 from R300 during special they gave us on the week of the #nationalshutdown.
These beautiful platform heels were from Fashion express for R250. They're so comfy and light. Too bad I can't wear them because of my ankle. *sigh* . Do you know how big a sacrifice the possibillity of never being able to wear high heeled shoes is? Those fees better not rise again and UKZN better end outsourcing! I hurt it during protests.

I cannot believe I bought a maternity dress! Its only after I looked for it on the Mr price website that I saw that its a maternity dress! No wonder it looked so boxy on me! Well I'm not about to do away with a perfectly good item of clothing because my head was in the clouds while i was shopping. I put this bad boy on with a belt below my bust to give it some shape and a kimono over it and made it work!

A tassle bag from Factorie I got at 30% off during the #feesmustfall campaign. . . I caught a flu and was feeling miserable after all that marching so stop judging me! I needed the retail therapy.

I bought some other cool stuff like a black embroided cardigan and a white lace croptop but i couldn't find any pictures of them on the net but they're on my fashion haul video s. Check them out in the video below.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. To see how I'll style some of these items check me out on instagram or my Facebook page.
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Stay tuned. Stay blessed. 

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