24 September 2015 Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

Before 1995, the 24th of September was celebrated as Shaka Zulu day and people would gather at his grave in his honour. In 1995, The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) proposed that this be a national holiday and after much delibaration, a compromise was reached and the it was decide that it should be heritage day and celebrated by all peoples and all cultures of South Africa.

While I appreciate the sense of unity and appretiation for other culture it brings in a tribalism and afrophobia ridden country, reducing identities to just one day of reciting clan names and wearing traditional attire is not enough for the urgency with which our cultures and traditions need to be preserved and once again become a norm but thats assimulation for you.

Colonialism and Apartheid having done a number on african society, has only left shards and pieces of our realities which we try to piece together for the sake of this day and instead of financial support to archive and document for the sake of healing and restoration, capitalism sinks its fangs and declares it national braai day leaving our own histories accessible to those with enough money or fortunate enough to have an adult still sound of memory to supplement their mainstream education  with lessons on their identities and customs. A cloud of sadness  follows me on this day when 'empty land' theories are on top of the gaze from non poc seem to want to take away what little chance of celebration.
I have always wanted to take my camera through Mpondoland and save whatever remnants of our identities there are since mainstreamm education insists upon imposing and identity that is not our own on us but alas there is no money.
Until such problems are structurally and systematically addressed since that is how they were caused in the first places, i doubt that this day is truly for us just yet

I hope you enjoyed this post. What tribe are you from? what is you clan name?


Did you kno that Winnie Mandela
is a Mpondo woman?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing - super interesting indeed. Feel so very blessed to live in such a culturally rich nation :)

    1. I know right!! Couldn't have asked for a better home! No mall could ever measure up . And I've seriously contemplated living in one!
      It was my pleasure!


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