Say hello to my nappy hair

3 February 2015

Going back to school has escalated my state of anxiety to a whooole new level that no amount of gap years could have prepared me for but thats not why we're here. You're here to say hellow to my natural hair and well, here it is.

I have been on a natural hair journey for about a year and 8 month now and these are the results, not too shabby if I do say so myself. My hair looks awesome and I have completely fallen in love with it despite it does have a mind of its own, shrinking up into itself, especially with all the moisture and humidity of living in a coastal town. I was wearing my hair out a lot over the December holidays and it was quite a thrilling experience and that includes the near death stares from my mother who on many occasions has had to watch me put here groceries into my hair.

I have been pampering my hair with yoghurts, mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar quite frequently. At one point she got so worried that she asked the neighbour to keep the mutton she bought in her deep freezer because I had just found the missing part of my blender and was ''sure to blend the meat for an intensive protein treatment''.  Oh mama. I don't blame her though. I was using sugar to exfoliate, tomato pulp as a facial mask, bananas for my hair. I would have hidden meat too. I imagine working out regulary has also had something to do with my tresses flourishing so beautifully and hope my being in varsity won't mess with this good thing I've got going over here.

Although I have not quite mastered the art of natural hair-ing, I do plan on documenting my journey as I learn more and more about my hair. All the best to me and this little corner of the internet i have inhabited.


  1. Well done on going back to school. Don't beat yourself up for what you are lacking, even them when they see you they want something you have and you are taking for granted.

  2. Thanks. I'm glad I took that gap year and had a breather coz right now, I'm drowning in school work. Yho. I have a newfound respect for the chemists who make our natural hair products. And about my flat bum, I'm going back to the gym and will do squats. I will have a bum by force or by magic. I'll actually post about it this sunday.


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