Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I Now Hate All Personal Trainers

I am usually very selective about what I share with people and am not one to reveal what gets me down or put myself in a vulnarable position but like I said in this post, I want to start talking about this stuff. Who knows, someone might relate and be kinder to themselves after they find out they're not alone. This post was not an easy one to republish.When I first wrote it, I tried to make it comical to hide how dissapointed and hurt I was by what transpired in that gym and have decided to rewrite and republish it to get what was really going through my mind at the time out there.

I avoided talking about my gym chronicles because I really didn't want to become one of those clique bloggers who  try compensate for their fatness or justify it by openly working, but at the same time the kind of duchebagery that goes on in gyms can mess with your head, mind and brain and end up doing more damage than good. Besides, I actually enjoy working out